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How to Brighten Your Employee Benefits This Summer

Happy Coworkers Giving High Five

Summer is on its way, and your employees are looking forward to sunny days, vacation time, and all that warm weather offers. In a competitive job market, your employee benefits are more important than ever – and so are those special perks. Happy employees are loyal employees. Offering fun summer rewards can help keep your team cheerful, productive, and engaged.

Fun Summer Fridays

Show your employees you care about them by planning fun summer Fridays, with the workday ending earlier. You can provide a lunch of summer fare to wrap up the week positively and give your employees some social time together. Casual get-togethers with food and drink are an effective team-building activity, and employees in good communication are more productive.

Time for Professional Development

Offer your employees training sessions, on or off-site. You can reap the benefits when your employees are trained in a seminar or workshop. Choosing inspiring speakers who inspire the group to interact and participate makes training sessions more successful and enjoyable.

Casual Days

If your employees are required to dress professionally, switch your dress code to casual, whether on Fridays or all week. It may surprise you how much they enjoy coming to work with a more laid-back look!


Many of your employees are interested in volunteer work. Establish a team of volunteers to participate in local charity events. These activities allow you to connect with the local community and build a stronger, more engaged team.

Summer Games

If your company has access to a sports court or outdoor area, plan outdoor games with competing teams, and add a company barbecue or picnic. A company softball team, soccer team, or basketball team can be a very popular event. Provide company-branded sportswear and present the game highlights on your company email. Internally, production games between teams, with winners earning gifts or money bonuses, are always effective – if you make the targets attainable.

Company Outings

Make a yearly summer picnic a tradition. Employees and their families should all be invited to enjoy a day together outside the work environment. Your company outing could be to a theme park, sporting event, or other activity, and when it includes food, you can count on it being a hit.

Your Benefits Package

While looking to the summer months and planning special activities, the benefits package you offer your employees is a fundamental reason they work hard, stay with your business, and feel valued. Group health insurance is a significant benefit to every team member. Each year, it is worth reviewing your group health insurance plan. New plans may be available at a better price, or you may want to offer more choices to your employees. To thoroughly review your group health insurance and learn about any new options on the market that could be an enticement for new hires, speak with one of our local agents to assist you. As business owners ourselves, we understand the bottom line!

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